This blog is for Buyers of Property in British Columbia

Effective 2009 of March it is a rquirement that Building  Inspectors be licensed and have propert insurance such as errors and omissions.  This can be found under the consumer protection website

A Buyers Agent should always advise of an inspection report as part of your subject clause.  The goal is to ensure the buyer has full knowledge of results of the results of the inspection, and if necessary, clarification from the inspector or any other qualified person.  Property Inspectors will note the deficiencies on the home and also educate the buyer on future repairs of the home.

RealEstate Agents are not licensed or qualified to do an inspection of a property. It is our due diligence to reccomend 3 qualified and licensed individuals for this important task.   

The RealEstate Council has recommended that the Buyer pay for their own inspection and also choose the inspector 

For more information on Buying a home or inspection reports please contact me.

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